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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

In complete safety and with the greatest respect for flora and fauna, Scubapiti Moorea is happy to help you discover the wonders of Moorea's seabed.
discovery dives

Discovery Dives

For beginners
If you have never dived, you can realize your discovery dive in the clear waters of Moorea's lagoon. Accompanied with a certified diving instructor, you will learn and enjoy the submarine world and its magic.
1 Discovery Dive
8'000XPF 67.04EUR
(departure at 11.30am)
fun dives

Fun Dives

For certified divers
We dive twice a day, with the choice of doing one or the other, or both. It is possible to schedule additional dives in the afternoon or night dives, with a minimum of 4 people.
1 Dive
7'500XPF 62.85EUR
(departures 7:30am or 9:30am)
2 Tanks-Dive
13'000XPF 108.94EUR
(departure 7:30am)
diving courses

Diving Courses

Open Water
Scubapiti proposes to deliver your diving first level from 5 dives. During few days, you will be trained and coached by a diving instructor. The two first lessons will take place in the lagoon, the other lessons in the ocean, outside the reef.
Open Water
50'000XPF 419.01EUR
(lagoon departure 11:30am)
(ocean departure 7:30am or 9:30am)
private fun dives

Private Dives

2-Tanks Dive
Scubapiti Moorea offers private dives to discover the beauty of the Lagoon or the Ocean in a small group.
2-Tanks Dive
(4 PAX Max)

90'000XPF 754.20EUR 
(for 1 to 4 persons)

(departure morning or afternoon)
scooter dives
coming soon...

Scooter Dives

An amazing experience!
You love to Dive, you want to do more distance and experience exceptional sensations, Scubapiti Moorea offers you submarine scooter dives.
1 Scooter Dive
(from 2 to 3 PAX Max)
12'000XPF 100.56EUR
(per person)
(departures 7:30am or 9:30am)
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